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A story about

tradition and innovation.

100% Made in Italy


From its headquarters in Montappone, a small village nestled in the hills of the Marche region, the Carlo Forti brand has spread its ideals of elegance and refinement, embodying the excellence of the Made in Italy, crafted with quality workmanship, attention to detail, and the skillful selection and processing of fine materials.

The brand's spirit, lively and young, speaks to a generation of customers captivated by the design but attentive to quality, innovative and fashionable, who find in Carlo Forti accessories the privileged means to define and express their personality and style.

Cappelli Made in Italy
Un ritratto in bianco e nero di Carlo Forti, titolare del brand, Maestro Cappellaio, e amministratore di Axis-Italy


Carlo Forti, founder of the company, tells a story made of passion, through the work of skilled hands and the ancient noise of sewing machines in the background.

Each model is born from a sketch, which passes through the hands of those who touch and select materials, weave the threads, sew a piece of fabric and assemble the parts, until a precious and unique object is created.


In 2018, Carlo Forti's collaboration with the creative mind of Laura Copponi was born, sanctioning the fertile encounter between a high-profile manufacturing tradition and an imaginary made of historical research and deconstruction of the past on the one hand, and a careful and constructive look at the present on the other.

The common denominator in the Carlo Forti collections is art, understood as a performance, an idea, a way of life. Going through the history of music, subcultures, the disruptive communicative force of street art, the designer taps into her own emotional baggage to give life to models rich in personality, which become part of the wearer's way of manifesting themselves to the world.


Choose your favorite from timeless designs with a strong personality, style, and quality materials.
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