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Behind a brand there is always a story: the story of Carlo Forti!

Carlo Forti Cappellaio
Cappelli Made in Italy

The story of a Master Hat-Maker who illustrates his passion with his skilful hands and with the antique sound of the sewing machine. Thus was born every Carlo Forti model, that from the sketch passes to the hands that choose the fabric, to those that sew the pieces of cloth that became a hat.

Carlo Forti Hats
Carlo Forti Cappelli

Based in Montappone, a Medieval hamlet on the slopes of the Piceno Hills, in the heart of the Marche Region, Carlo Forti is an Italian brand well renowned for the excellent quality, the refinement, the elegance and the careful research of raw materials. The spirit of the brand, young and lively, speaks to a generation of hat wearers seduced by style and attentive to quality, innovative and fashionable.

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