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20th-century art and avant-garde

Space and emotion

A capsule inspired by the extraordinary communicative power of 20th-century art and avant-garde movements that redefined the concepts of space and emotion by introducing new lines and chromatic reinforcements, venturing into unexplored territories and speaking directly to the soul.

The Energy of Black

Black, the dominant color in the Licini Collection as in other lines by Carlo Forti, represents introspection and intimate dialogue that artists have with themselves and their muses and sources of inspiration. In this capsule, black merges with bolder variations, creating an expressive combination that asserts itself with personality.

Pulsating Geometric Lines

Essential geometric lines, inherited from masters of architecture, design, and painting of the 20th century, such as Bauhaus, Mondrian, and other artists, come to life in this collection as pulsating and multifunctional accessories. They become a tangible expression of creative energy, adding a touch of vibrant contemporaneity to our capsule collection.

Discover their versatility by unleashing your imagination, transforming them into necklaces, belts, eyewear cords, or anything that expresses your personality and creates your unique and bold style.

Discover the capsule!

Check out all the details of the models in the collection and choose your favorite color among those available.

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