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Sophisticated, rock, glamorous.

Rebellious elegance.

Carlo Forti's "Spiders" Collection is a bold anthem to rebellious elegance. Merging the timeless charm of the bowler hat and fedora, the collection stands out for sophisticated details and a touch of rock glamour.
The bowler hat, a symbol of male class, reinvents itself with a high dome and rock details in metal and rhinestones. The fedora, a timeless classic, transforms into a contemporary design icon with refined trims and unique accessories.

Decisive Details

The collection is characterized by distinctive details such as detachable golden chains and refined spider-shaped ornaments in metal and rhinestones. These elements provide a distinctive and contemporary touch, perfect for those seeking sophisticated style with a rebellious edge.

Unisex Rock Elegance

The entire collection is designed to be unisex, offering rock and contemporary elegance for both him and her. These hats are the perfect accessory for those who want to express a strong, sophisticated personality that is in tune with current trends.

Discover the capsule!

Check out all the details of the models in the collection and choose your favorite color among those available.

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