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A bold touch to your look.

Rebellious spirit

Carlo Forti's Rock Collection, with its rebellious spirit and the fusion of tradition and modernity, stands out for the elegant reinterpretation of classic leather hats. The bold architecture merges with traditional craftsmanship, creating works of art that carry the weight of history. The hats become tangible symbols of the fusion between the strength of leather and the timeless character of rock.

Revisited Classics

Historical models transform into contemporary creations, adding a bold touch to every look. The collection in fine nappa leather includes iconic and trendy hats such as the bucket hat and the sliced cloche, providing a glamorous perspective to military-inspired headpieces like the Kepy and the sailor.

Iconic and meaningful details

Each hat is enriched with iconic details that underscore the rock culture. Studs, straps, and golden metal accents are not just decorative elements but symbols of style and rebellion. Carlo Forti's logo, strategically placed in the monochromatic space of the artifact, becomes a label of authenticity and commitment to quality. Explore the power of leather, embrace the reinterpretation of classics, and make your style unique with Carlo Forti's Rock Collection, where every detail is a work of art, and the logo is the signature of timeless excellence.

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